We Honor Salone-Girl-Power on IWD

We celebrate ALL Salone Girls on this International Women’s Day.
~Rise & Shine~

~The future is in your hands!!!

Everything they’ve said is good on paper, but I’m not sure of the effectiveness of this conference,” said Hawanatu Sheriff, an 18-year-old secondary school student who attended the conference as the winner of a national essay-writing competition. “If we want to change in this country we all have to change our attitude and be accountable for everything we do.
Excerpt from:

Well said and so insightful!!

We honor this young woman ~ Hawanatu Sheriff ~ and all the girls in Sierra Leone who are striving against all odds to attain education, maintain self-respect and hold fast to the belief that the power to make our beloved Salone a better place is in their hands ~

Hooray  Salone-Girl-Power!!

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