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How Women saved this day in Salone 51 years ago

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On this day 51 years ago, Sierra Lone was granted Independence from British Colonial rule! This milestone is generally credited to the men. It makes us wonder, did women play any parts or were they just passive bystanders in the … Continue reading


Land Grab in the name of “Investment”

Source: Oakland Institute



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“In the hands of women anything is possible.” In January, 2010, the women formed a community based organization called Barefoot Women Solar Engineers Association of Sierra Leone (BWSEASL). We are so proud of  these women and will continue to follow … Continue reading


Gain Strength From the Past

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We close this Women’s History month with a quick look back into Sierra Leone’s history to acknowledge and honor the women who have left us with the legacy of women’s leaderships in our country. Even though we have not made … Continue reading