Gain Strength From the Past

We close this Women’s History month with a quick look back into Sierra Leone’s history to acknowledge and honor the women who have left us with the legacy of women’s leaderships in our country. Even though we have not made it “yet” in leadership at the national level, history tells us that we are capable and have always been present at the  local government levels as Paramount Chiefs, local councils and in Parliament. The condition of the majority of women in Sierra Leone today makes it easy for us to forget this fact, this is just a reminder.

Our female ancestors held their own in ruling their districts efficiently. This legacy gives us the audacity as women of Sierra Leone to believe that the condition of our lot will improve one of these days and we will be afforded our rights to sit at the national leadership table and put women’s issues in the forefront.

Our main challenge, however, is to eliminate what divides women of Sierra Leone along class lines; we must to shed our elitist mentality and unite as one voice for all women of Sierra Leone.

The list below is comprised of some of the female leaders we know about in Sierra Leone, from pre-colonial through colonial and post-colonial eras. We are sure there are many more that should be on this list but we are limited by the scarcity of available information; should you know of any more please let us know.


Mammy Fatima I Bullom   1604
Ma Fatima II Bullom 1606
Ma Yamacouba Sherbo Before 1787
Ma Fatima Brima Kema Alikali Konya-Temne 1826-40
Ma Yoko Kpaa Mende/ Senehun Kailahun 1878-1908
Ma Nyarroh Bandasuma / Bandajuma 1885–1914
Ma Matolo Nongowa/Panguma Kenema 1898-1908
Ma Humonya Nongowa & Panguma Kenema 1908-18
Ma Ella Koblo Gulama Kaiyamban Moyamba 1953-67
Ma Woki Massaquoi Gallinas Perri/
Blama Massaquoi
Pujehun 1925-71



Ma Honoraia Bailor Caulker Shenge Bonthe 1961-99
Ma Boi Sei Kenja III ImperiGbangbama Around 1963
Ma Kadiyatta Gata Jong/Matru District Bonthe Around 1963
Ma Tity Messi Kwameba Krim / Benduma Pujehun Around 1963
Ma Tiange Gbatekaka Gaura / Joru Pujehun Around 1963
Ma Benya Small Bo / Blama Around 1963
Ma Mammawa Sama Tunika / Gorahun Around 1963
Ma Margaret Jami Sebureh I Madina Around 1998-
Ma Susan Caulker Before 2000-
Ma Hawa Yakubu Ngokowa II Selenga / Dambala 2001-
Ma Veronica B Gbani III Valunia/Mongere 2001-
Ma Hawa Kpanabon Sokan IV Imperri / Gbangbama 2001-
Ma Mattu Kaikai Yimbo Timbale /Bomotoke 2001-
Ma Edna Gamanga Fawundu Mano/Sakrim/Gbonjema 2001-
Ma Mathilda Lansana Minnah Yekomo Kpukumu Krim
Pujehun 2001-
Ma Baindu Sowa Bandajuma / Sowa Kenema 2001-
Ma Theresa Vibbi Kandu Leppiama / Gbado District 2001-
Ma Sally S. Lamin Gendemeh Malegohun / Sembehun 2001-
Ma G. Gamanga Simbaru /Boajibu 2001-

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