Women Victims: Serve Justice, Break Your Silence

There is a Press Release by Fairfax County law enforcement and Cocorioco, the Sierra Leone online newspaper, has also published an article about the arrest of a man we have all come to believe is an Imam; he has taken thousands of dollars from women in the District, Maryland, Virginia and many other jurisdictions with the promise of green card from the World Bank. The Cocorioko article is very well done, so no need to repeat here, we encourage all readers to check it out; the link will be placed at the end of this posting.

HOW HE Hooks his victims

People are wondering how women could give  so much money to this criminal just for Green Card.

With an established persona of an Imam who appears knowledgeable in Islamic values, this man had no trouble convincing his unsuspecting victims that what he was telling them was out of genuine concern for them and an honest attempt to help them. Anyone who has ever met him can testify to the fact that he makes the best used car sales man look inept; he is very convincing and somewhat pushy, he does not take NO for an answer. All his victims believed him when he told them that he also worked at the World Bank and was in charge of visas and green card processing for the staff.

When he first approaches his victim,  he makes the amount he is asking for sound very reasonable, anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000; and for some who tell him that they had very little at that moment, he would say “just give me whatever you have RIGHT NOW because we don’t want to miss this chance to file your papers on time, I will complete the amount for you and you can pay me later.” He would have told the victim that the whole thing would cost her some fixed amount, say $5,000; then when she gives that initial amount, he would collect the rest in chunks by continuously telling her that her paperwork is being held by the lawyer because of certain other unforeseeable fees the immigration people are asking for. He would continuously make her believe that the only thing standing between her and her Green Card from the World Bank, is the amount “the lawyer is asking for.”

For the victim, it feels like a point of no return, she has already “invested” a huge amount from the beginning, losing the chance of a Green Card for the rest of the money seems unreasonable and he would conveniently tell her “well, you cannot blame me if you don’t get your green card, I tried to help you, but the lawyer needs the money.” And of course, he has told her that this is a “World Bank lawyer” who only works for high pay; he would even say that he is paying out of pocket to defray some of the cost to help this poor woman, especially if she is one of those he has originally forced into and has been having sex with. It may not make any sense to the average person who has not gone through this, but it makes perfect sense for victims who have been hooked by this seasoned criminal.

The victim would end up not only giving up her whole life’s savings, she would borrow from any family member or friend who wants to see her succeed in getting her Green Card, particularly being helped by a legitimate institution, the World Bank. After all, she believes that the green card is going to help her get a better job to repay the money. He only stops asking for more money when the three month period he had promised she would get her Green Card elapses; then he either stops answering her calls or keeps her quiet for a little bit by telling her that he has received it and will drop it off to her home as soon as he is done with a personal emergency he has at hand. By now, he is busy with a few other victims and stops answering her calls all together.


A few of his victims have confronted him at the Mosque where he has been leading prayers; each time, a whole bunch of men would rush to his aid and take the victim off the premises. He has also been confronted in public places like the malls and parking lots, in some cases, he has called the police and told them that an ex-girlfriend was harassing him; the victim would not make any statement to the police about him taking thousands of dollars from her with the promise of a green card from the World Bank, for fear of being taken by the police as an illegal alien.

Most victims have kept their silence. This criminal in Imam clothing has been raping and financially bankrupting women in our community, yet, he continued to be treated as a Noble Imam who presides at several religious occasions every week, preaching righteousness and good morals, and the very women he has victimized would sit silently in the audience at these events, dying slowly from the agony of shame, regret and share grief. They are too scared about what society would think of them if they revealed what this man has done to them, this man that everyone else respects so much, it would be his words against theirs. 

Fornication as a weapon TO SILENCE women

All of his victims are afraid to come forward because of fear of immigration trouble but for some, it is the added shame of having had sex with him outside of marriage; an encounter that was initiated by him and by force in the the first instance.

He would go to the home of a victim, supposedly to expedite the process by personally picking up her vital documents and taking them to the lawyer urgently. He would do this mainly with women that he knows are living alone or are alone at a particular time of the day. He has forced many of his victims into sexual relations, which would continue for a few weeks, always making her believe he cares about her; if she is single, he would also propose marriage and make her believe he is helping her get her green card so that they could settle together as husband and wife. In at least one case, he went as far as calling the victim’s parents in Africa and asking for her hand in marriage and promising to “take care” of their daughter.

The tragedy of all this is the fact that women are too ashamed to come forward to report the crimes this man has perpetrated against them because they are the ones that society is going to judge for the sexual encounters. The blame and  shame of fornication in the African society is still placed entirely on the woman; it is a major weapon used to silence women and to stop them from standing up for their rights.  Even a scoundrel like this can actually use this weapon against the very women he has victimized if they as much as stand up to him.

Fornication, as a weapon, is consistently used in the African society to rob women of their rights; if a woman is brave enough to stand against injustice, she can easily be broken down by even the most morally bankrupt man who comes forward to “shame” her by saying that either he or another man has slept with her outside of marriage. This criminal virus has used this weapon consistently against his victims as well as other women in the community who have tried to stop him. When flyers were posted to warn women about his scam, he went around saying that he has not scammed any woman, that a particular woman he referred to as a “rally girl” (prostitute) who was bitter because he slept with her and refused to marry her, was putting out these flyers.

The sad part of this is not that this criminal virus is spreading such lies but that people are actually believing or entertaining such accusations as long as it is against a woman, main while, ignoring his criminal behavior. Even some of the “big” men in the community were going around repeating this as the gospel truth about this woman; one of the leaders at the Mosque where he is Imam was asked by an Imam from another community about the accusations against their Imam, this leader told the Imam that the accusations were not true, that only one woman was making them because their Imam refused to marry her. Luckily, the Imam from the other community knew better than to believe such rubbish.

Fornication, by definition, can only happen between two people; it is sexual encounter between two consenting adults who are not married to each other. However, men in the African society are never factored in the equation; women are the only ones society blames and punishes, therefore, women and the men who care about them MUST stand up to this injustice and put a stop to the unfair and unequal treatment. Women can start by adopting what we refer to as a “SO WHAT” attitude, they should never accept to carry the burden of shame for fornication because this is depriving them of justice by stopping them from reporting sexual violence and their silence puts more women at risk by allowing the criminal to continue his victimization against those who are unaware.

  • So what if the whole world thinks that you had sexual relations with a man you are not married to, should that take away your human rights?
  • So what if this FAKE Imam says he had sex with you, does that erase the fact that he forced you into sex?
  • So what if society thinks you are a “rally girl” does that give society the right to judge you as a bad person and excuse the criminal behavior of the man who violated you and stole your money?
  • So what if you slept with him willingly, is that enough to ignore the fact that crimes have occurred against women in our community?
  • So, what, if you NEVER had sex with him but he threatens that he will tell people you did, should that keep you silent about what you know, which could actually help protect other women in our community from his sexual violence?

Take a stand for yourself and also protect other women, PLEASE BREAK YOUR SILENCE AND COME FORWARD.

Remember that all those who are in the forefront of judging you  are probably doing worst things in society. Also remember that you have rights as a victim of crime, your immigration status does not erase your rights, and your immigration status is not part of this process to keep a criminal element like this FAKE Imam where he belongs, JAIL.

Please read the article here, also read the Fairfax County Press Release here, and if you or anyone you know has been victimized in any way or you have any information that can help the police, please contact Crime Solvers by phone at 1-866-411-TIPS/8477 or text “TIP187” plus your message to CRIMES/274637 or call Fairfax County Police at 703-691-2131.


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