Today, December 1, 2012  is World Aids Day!

FTwo-things-to-worry-aboutor African girls and women, the narrative does not change from year to year: poverty, lack of education, gender inequality, etc., are all factors that increase their chances of being exposed to HIV/AIDS.

So, we post a poem we have posted before in the interest of raising awareness, especially among our youth.

HIV/AIDS has claimed 25 million lives around the globe, it is a threat to all: man, woman, rich, poor, educated, illiterate, child, adult, etc.

We should all pay attention to preventive measures that could help cut down on transmission and perpetuation of the virus; strive to learn more about this virus and share information as widely as possible.

But most important, we should end stigmatization of those affected; no one goes out looking for or wishing to contract this disease, we must maintain respect and dignity for all as we strive to end HIV/AIDS in the world.

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