Video on Teen Pregnancy in Salone

Mama Salone just discovered this video by government of Sierra Leone and UNFPA on the launching of their effort to address the teen pregnancy problem. It is a great start but more need to be done to deal with the causes, especially the predatory practice of older men and diaspora visitors.

2 responses to “Video on Teen Pregnancy in Salone

  1. Dear Mama Salone,
    Thank you for enlightening us of this terrible act against girls and young women in Sierra Leone. Too often these types of acts are over looked and accepted as a way of life for the poor. Unfortunately, as the video pointed out, the acceptance of this vicious act on girls and young women is not just destroying the hopes and dreams of the victims families, it is killing the dreams and aspirations of a nation, because the backbone of a civilization is the women. And the strength of the men is suppose to protect the women, children and community from harm.

    Wow; when you look closely at the alarming statistics, and factor in the fact that the villains in this story are the men, Sierra Leone is imploding from within, by the hands of the people who say they love her. If the true lovers of this country don’t intervene to protect her, can you imagine what Sierra Leone would look like 20 years from now?

    Respectfully submitted.


    • Thanks Brofrombmore, you hit the nail on the head! In Sierra Leone society today (it used to be different), people are very complacent about social problems, especially those that affect girls and women; they are quicker to react or raise their voices about political issues than these issues that are slowly destroying the fabric of our nation. Also, men are the most vocal in the society today (also used to be different), if they choose not to speak on an issue, that issue is not spoken about and they tend not to speak about issues that affect girls and women, so those problems fester. As you rightly point out though, at the end of the day, it is not only the victimized girls and their families that pay the price, the whole nation pays. This is very evident in the condition of Sierra Leone today.


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