Women’s History Month: Ending A History of Violence Against Women

“Make It Happen” is the 2015 theme for International Women’s Day. How do we end a history of violence against women? Women must “Make it Happen.”

Women must do some reflections.

It all starts with thoughts, words then action. The physical violence we see in the clip below (which could well be in Africa) is the culmination of how society perceives women – the inferior sex; which manifests in government policies that do not promote or protect women’s rights, society’s comfort in verbally insulting women and the culminating physical violence on women around the globe.

But this does not happen without women’s contribution. Woman on woman violence is rampant. One good example recently in Sierra Leone when the Vice President was expelled from his political party. Many people expressed their reactions by audio clips, which were making rounds on social media. Sadly though, two of them were the voices of women cussing the mother of the President and other officials as well as cussing themselves in the process. In a country where women are the silent majority who are voiceless in every relevant socio-political arena, it is truly sad that those who decide to be vocal are using their voices to promote violence against their own lot.

When a woman is not seen for her worth, as an intelligent human being who is in fact contributing to society in meaningful ways as much as any man, it is easy for her to be treated in the manner that we see in this clip.

This is Women’s History Month, how are we going to end violence in all forms against women?

Our take: Women can “Make It Happen.”

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