A message for Hawa Kamara: Miss Universe, Sierra Leone 2016.

You were given the cause to post a video in response to the pornographic video put out on social media to malign you. Keep smiling girl, it looks good on you!!

Without seeing the maligning video, it is nonetheless obvious that the aim is to “shame” you into hiding your beautiful intelligent self and cease striving to become the self-reliant woman Almighty wants you to be.

There is no doubt that you will remain strong in the face of this and other trash that filthy people are wont to throw at you because you are a DIAMOND in the rough as a woman born and raised in Salone. A society that refuses to see the value in its women.

You are a target now because you are seen as a woman on the rise. As a society, Sierra Leoneans cannot seem to handle the success of women in the public arena. It has been our age old practice to use sex to drive women out of the playing field; it has always been the tactic that has worked best to keep us silently behind.

Generations of smart, intelligent and talented women before you have been “shamed” into taking the back sit by such sexual shaming and especially used frequently to kick women out of the political arena. Have you ever wondered why it is that every woman in our country who can claim to be successful today in the public arena happens to be standing in the shadow of a man? We call this “de Pa complex.”

De Pa complex in Salone society has kept women behind in all facets of our society. Whenever a woman tries to stand on her own platform without the blessing and the shadow of de Pa to cover her, she risks being “shamed” by being called a rarry girl or framed in some other sexual context.

But you, my dear Hawa, are the millennial generation of Salone women; you are empowered to change the game. As a millennial Salone woman, you know

  • better than to fall for the “shame” game;
  • that “shame” has been a weapon in our society to keep women behind;
  • that if you accept the “shame” they impose on you, you will never reach your true potential;
  • that almost all the prominent men in our society maintain sexual relations with multiple women, but are never “shamed” for their shameful deeds;
  • that thousands of minor girls are sexually exploited and impregnated daily by full grown shameless men in our society who are never shamed nor prosecuted for their crimes.

Above all, you know that sex involves men and women and there is nothing “shameful” about it. It’s what keeps the world rotating. And if people are so interested in your sexual encounter and want to Photoshop pictures and videos in your name, the “shame” is all theirs, not yours. You’ve got better things to focus on.

Go ahead girl, focus on what you are doing and be resolved to SHAME them by keeping calm and shining bright like the DIAMOND you are!

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