The Lioness Tells It Like It Is!

This blog is dedicated to the women of Sierra Leone; it serves as a sacred space to discuss their past struggles, present condition and future potential.

This blog is not about sugar-coating the situation of Sierra Leone or keeping up appearances that make Salone look good only for the sake of “good image,” we will tell it like it is even if it means going against the grains sometimes. There are many blogs and other sites on Sierra Leone, but they are all focused on painting Salone as a paradise; yes we know it can be, but how can it be a paradise at this time when more than 70% of our people live in abject poverty. Let us be real!

There is no shortage of narratives in the media and in our consciousness about the plethora of issues plaguing Sierra Leone, especially since 1991 when a senseless bloody war gripped the nation lasting for a decade. The war physically, mentally, emotionally and economically ravaged the people of this small nation; consequently, Sierra Leone earned a place on the lowest end of the United Nations Human Development Index.

Since the war, Sierra Leone has been portrayed as a basket case of helpless people, plagued with hunger and diseases her people cannot heal manage or control, heavily dependent on outsiders for assistance and survival. We believe this can be reversed by the people of Sierra Leone, who are quite capable if only we would re-examine the causes of some of these social problems and make concerted efforts to do our parts  – each and everyone of us – to resolve them.

Through discussions on this blog, we hope to highlight some of these social problems and particularly focus on the value of women in Sierra Leone. While we address current social problems that are affecting girls and women, we hope to maintain the premise that girls and women in Sierra Leone are capable of being fully engaged in resolving these issues, given the opportunities to do so; particularly given good health condition, education and respect for their human rights.

We hope that this will serve as a source of inspiration for Sierra Leonean women, especially young girls, as it affirms their worthiness as well as responsibility to commit to their own self-development, make a difference in their communities & country; it should also serve to promote positive attitude among Sierra Leonean men of all ages and economic backgrounds, regarding their views of girls and women in our society.


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