There are countless women of Sierra Leonean descent from pre-Colonial, Colonial and post-Colonial eras that have done heroic work in their immediate and not so immediate communities; but never received accolades and their names never made it and still do not make it into the newspapers or historic books; especially those women in the rural regions who did not or do not receive formal education.

MamaSalone would like to bring to the limelight as many of these Unsung Sheroes as possible and to pay tributes to them for the quiet way in which they have contributed to make a difference in our community and nation.

Please share with the world in 500 words who is your Unsung Shero from Salone; she could be alive or deceased; your grandmother, mother, aunt, teacher or any woman you know in our community whether in Salone or in the Diaspora, who has contributed to the well-being of her family, community or nation. Make sure you include:

  • Where she lives or lived
  • What region she comes from
  • Tell us whether or not she received formal education
  • What has she or did she do that made a difference in her family or community?
  • Tell us what makes her special to you and others.
  • Please send us her picture, if available.

Thanks for sharing the story of your Unsung Shero!


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